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Our staff

Get to know our school staff. We're all here to help.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.



Ms Meaghan Wilson

Deputy Principal

Mr Robert Carter

Deputy Principal Support

Mr Tam Nguyen

Deputy Principal Curriculum 

Ms Belinda Liston

Mr Lawrence Lau

Relieving Assistant Principal Kindergarten 

Miss Michaela Anania

Assistant Principal Stage 1

Mrs Alison Hugo

Assistant Principal Stage 2

Mrs Nikki Kaur

Assistant Principal Stage 3

Miss Lucy Cassady

Assistant Principal Inclusion and Support

Miss Brianna Jasper

Assistant Principal Release from Face to Face

Mrs Anastasia Zafiropoulos


Supervisor - Miss Michaela Anania

  • KA - Miss M. Anania
  • KM - Miss Y. Mohomad
  • KS - Miss S. Sargent
  • KJ - Mrs. E. Jadid

Stage 1

Supervisor - Mrs Alison Hugo

  • 1B - Miss C. Bayeh
  • 1A - Mr S Anthony
  • 1H - Miss L. Haidar
  • 1N - Mrs D Nolevski
  • 2L - Mr E. Ly
  • 2A - Miss R. Ali
  • 2J- Miss S Jeong
  • 2H - Mrs A. Hugo

Stage 2

Supervisor - Mrs Nikki Kaur

  • 3A - Mrs S. Akhtar
  • 3L - Miss L. Ma
  • 3M - Mrs M. Mortlock
  • 4B - Mr A. Bordador
  • 4W- Miss T. Wadhwana
  • 4K - N. Kaur

Stage 3

Supervisor – Mr Mark Beh

  • 5C- Miss L. Cassady
  • 5R - Mr K. Raymond
  • 5M - Ms M. Rullo
  • 6J - Miss J. Semann
  • 6S - Mr G. Saunders
  • 6HM- Mrs S. Hurst & Mrs N. Manni

Support Classes

Supervisor - Mr T. Nguyen 

  • SCC - Mrs L. Cross & Mrs S. Altinoglu
  • SCH - Miss H. Uddin
  • SCN- Miss T. Nguyen
  • SCG- Mrs Z. Gurler & Mrs S. Altinoglu
  • SCR - Ms S. Roberts
  • SCV - Ms J. Vannia
  • SC? - Awaiting appointment
  • SCJ - Ms B. Jasper
  • SCW - Mr C. Westwood
  • SC?- Awaiting appointment

Additonal Learning Programs

Release from Face to Face [RFF]

Assistant Principal-Mrs Anastasia Zafiropoulos [Tue-Fri]

  • Mrs Z. Elsahili
  • Ms G. Nguyen
  • Mrs F. El-Bikai [Tues-Thurs]
  • Mrs T. Nguyen [Mon & Tues]


  • Ms M. Al-Muti [Wed- Thurs]
  • Mrs R. Ross [ Mon-Wed]
  •  Ms C. Joseph


 Mrs Rea Taoube [EALD/LaST]

  • Ms N. Esplago
  • Ms R. Taoube
  • Ms A. Kordas
  • Ms S. Assaad
  • Mrs D. Valentino

SASS Staff

School Adminstration Manager

  • Mrs K. Childs            

Office Staff

  • Mrs C. Joseph
  • Mrs D. Reynolds
  • Ms J. Joseph
  • Ms E. Martin

School Learning Support Officer

  •  Ms L. Donovan
  •  Ms M. Fenton
  •  Ms B. Wilson 
  •  Mrs J. Howard
  •  Ms S. Horne
  •  Ms R. Issa
  •  Ms M. Weigand
  •  Ms V. Taganesia
  •  Ms H. Lee
  •  Ms J. Osborn
  •  Ms M. Stone
  •  Ms R. Trovato
  •  Ms A. Parker
  • Mr T. Ninnes
  • Ms J. Scott
  • Ms P. Taganesia
  • Ms L. Cuddy
  • Ms H. Saleh
  • Mr H. Westwood

General Assistant

  •  Mr P. Sekulovski